LED Display Light

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Want a really creative way to display your list of beverages at your wedding, birthday celebration or for many other occasions? We got you covered, we can designed a themed shaped drink list light. This light will come with a RGB LED base than can operate on just a few batteries or be plugged in with a micro USB cord that is included. A standard phone charger plug (not included) can be used or a rechargeable battery pack can be used also. 

The LED puck operates using an included remote control or has a touch button on the base. This RGB LED puck can be on one static color of your choice or automatically change color with a few different functions (fading, strobing). You can also control the intensity of the light using the provided remote. This style base allows for a maximum size light of 8" wide x 8" tall. 

Once you purchase this product, when we receive your order we will be in touch by email requesting your information on what style and text to be on the light. Normal production time is 3-4 days once you approve the draft. 

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