Floating Wine Holder, Gravity Wine bottle display, Wine Holder, Wine Rack, Wine Caddy

Wood Species: Cherry
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Floating wine bottle holders are a great piece to display one of your favorite vintages. It's ideal for unopened bottles because it keeps the cork moist and there for doesn't allow the cork to shrink and allow that air to get in and spoil your favorite wines.

Photos will appear slightly different than actual product due to lighting. 

The pieces you see in the photo is the exact piece you will receive, all pieces are kiln dried and are available in serveral species of wood. Eash piece will have it's own unique characterisitcs with wood grain. Machine cut and hand sanded down to 1000grit and finished with 2 beautiful coatings of wood oil.

Species available, Padauk, Popular, Walnut, Ash, Cherry

Average sizes Length 9", width 3 1/16", thickness 3/4"

Instructions: the hole for the wine bottle goes at the top, lean over and insert bottle, wine bottles have varying shapes and most wines will work with slight adjustment, by either pushing the neck of the bottle in or out more. 

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