Laser Engraving blog by Diverse Graphx Blog #1

We would like to thank our current customers, and let you know we are working hard to increase our product lines to make your shopping experience easy with Diverse Graphx. Remember we specialize in one off items so if you don't see it on our website it doesn't mean we won't do it. So reach out to us and ask us if we can help, most likely we can. Thank you for your loyalty and stay tuned for more to come.

About Diverse Graphx, we are a home based family business that has a passion for creating unique one off items for friends, family, and clients. That is why we started our business, we started out as just a hobby and found that people actually like what we do. So we thought we would offer more and more until it was just no longer a hobby. We strive on customer interaction, we love to talk to you to find out how we can make your one off item unique just for you. While we do many items that are not one off, we still have the passion everyday to come up with new designs to help you stand out.

Please if you don't see what you are envisioning just ask, we will be glad to talk with you to make your vision come to life!


Diverse Graphx

John Price