Want a great way to help fund your mission? Let us help you, we will take care of everything from A-Z. We currently offer a few items that are great for gererating funds such as, engraved tumblers and engraved dog/cat bowls which are purfect for rescues and spca's. Our selection of engraved tumblers are perfect for any fundraiser, local law enforcment, sports, schools and others.

Lets talk about how we can help:

Diverse Graphx: Hey, have you heard about using custom engraved vacuum insulated tumblers for fundraisers?

You 2: No, I haven't. How do they work?

Diverse Graphx: Well, they're basically high-quality tumblers that can keep drinks hot or cold for hours. You can have them engraved with your organization's logo or message, and then sell them to raise funds for your cause.

You: That sounds like a good idea. Do people actually buy them?

Diverse Graphx: Definitely! Custom engraved tumblers are becoming more and more popular, especially among people who want to show off their support for a particular cause. Plus, they make great gifts for friends and family.

You: I see. So how can we use them for our fundraiser?


It's easy. You can order a batch of custom engraved tumblers from a supplier and then sell them at a markup. You can also use them as incentives for people who donate a certain amount to your cause. For example, you could offer a tumbler to anyone who donates $50 or more.


Option 2 (recommended):

We can create a page on our website with your charities name, photos and graphics, display what the items will look like when finished, collect all funds, provide a daily sales report, and distribute funds at the completion of the fund raiser. We will provide a link to advertise where the items can be purchased.

We offer 20% back of the total net profit raised using option 2!

You can reach us by email info@diversegraphx.com or 717-478-3877.